Is BlackOps 4 the PUBG Killer?

What a week! The beta for Call of Duty’s new Battle Royale mode has just wrapped up. There was high expectation for this, it is the first major game developer’s crack at BR’s that the public have been able to get there hands on. Call of Duty is arguably the biggest game franchise in the world and the success of the Battle Royale genre has … Continue reading Is BlackOps 4 the PUBG Killer?

Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

Year 2 has officially begun for Destiny 2 players with Forsaken: the all important expansion which has been out now since September 4. Arguably Bungie’s most important DLC to date, Forsaken is tasked with the almighty job of fixing Destiny 2’s content and falling player numbers. Sometime ago Bungie almost admitted defeat when it asked the worlds best Destiny content creators to come to their … Continue reading Out of the Darkness, Into the Light


This. Game. Is. Amazeballs.  Soaring through Manhattan for the first time I had to stop my body swaying along with each web swing. This game brings to life every child’s dream (well, mine at the very least). A huge pat on the back to developers, Insomniac (Spyro/Ratchet and Clank series). This game was made by Spider-Man fans, for Spider-Man fans. The game’s story, while i’m … Continue reading FIRST THOUGHTS: Spider-Man PS4