REVIEW: We Happy Few

Vision is a trait that is sorely lacking in modern, AAA video-game development. For every God of War there’s an innumerable wave of by-the-book shooters and action RPGs that look pretty but fail to truly innovate. For that reason alone, the unique We Happy Few ranked among our ‘Must Play Games Before Xmas‘ list, but does this ambitious indie fall victim to its own hype? … Continue reading REVIEW: We Happy Few

The Joy of Being Lost: Hollow Knight Review

Venturing into a realm without a map and only your instincts to guide you is a joy rarely found in entertainment outside video games. Heck, I won’t leave the house in real life without my destination punched into a GPS and that comforting blue line guiding me every step of the way. Getting lost is uncomfortable. It forces you to critically analyse before making decisions … Continue reading The Joy of Being Lost: Hollow Knight Review

Smash Bros Direct This Thursday!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will get another big information dump this Thursday at 12am AEST (midnight on Wednesday if you prefer). Nintendo of America has retweeted the above details posted by Nintendo Versus. It’s the first deep dive we’ll get on the flagship Nintendo title since its E3 blowout, where it was revealed that every character in series history would be returning, alongside newcomers like … Continue reading Smash Bros Direct This Thursday!

God of War Slays Expectations

God of War’s rebirth on Playstation 4 humanises a character built for rage with a considered maturity, that makes embedding an axe into an ogre’s skull more satisfying than ever before. Years after decimating the Greek gods, Kratos has settled in the land of the Vikings as a now single-father to his son, Atreus. After a violent pop-in from the Norse god Baldur, our Spartan … Continue reading God of War Slays Expectations