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DIY | How to make your own Forky (Toy Story 4)

To celebrate the release of Toy Story 4 in cinemas this week, us here at Must Play took up the task to get to know one of the new characters, Forky.

Forky is a very lost and confused new addition to the gang, brought to life by Bonnie on her first day of pre-school.

Here’s what you need to make you’re own Forky:  

  • 1 x Plastic spork
  • 1 x Wooden craft stick
  • 1 x Red modeling clay
  • 1 x Blue modeling clay
  • 1 x White modeling clay
  • 1 x Red pipe cleaner
  • 2 x Googlie eyes (two sizes)

Mark, Jules and Maso all had a go at making their own Forky… In 60 seconds!

And yes, we’re all Adults here…

Check out the video below: 

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