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Trash, trash, trash!

Toy Story 4 is far from it – in fact, it’s genuinely hilarious (that ‘trash’ part will make so much more sense when you see the movie).

Don’t worry… No spoilers ahead!

Disney/Pixar don’t miss a beat. This is another prime example of original storytelling by the animation giants.

All your favourite Toy Story characters are back and we meet a big handful of new ones…

Forky is a great addition to the film, I admit I was skeptical at first – but this little spork is made with so much love.

We meet Duke Kaboom, ‘Canada’s greatest stunt rider’, played by flavour of the month, Keanu Reeves.

And, I have to mention Key and Peeles’, Ducky and Bunny. I haven’t laughed so hard in the movies for a long time – these two characters steal the show.

There’s heartstrings being tugged on, there’s life lessons and difficult choices.

If you can’t tell so far, Toy Story 4 rates highly.

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