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So. Not paying RDJ, Hemsworth, ScarJo and Mr Evans for their likenesses might have been a mistake.

Square Enix has lifted the lid on its Avengers game and hit plenty of great notes.

  • Original story? Tick.
  • Four-player co-op? Got it.
  • Free DLC? Check.

Good looking character models? Maybe?

Crystal Dynamics knows how to make a pretty video-game, but the designs of some of the world’s favourite heroes (especially Iron Man’s) are leaving a lot to be decided.

Of course, this isn’t part of the film cannon per se, but without the look of the characters we’ve grown to love over the past 11 years and 20+ films, this iteration of the Avengers feels a little less like a re-imagining, and more  like a bad Halloween costume.


Fat Spider-Men aside, I’ll probably still buy this game.

We’re yet to see true gameplay or how the four-person co-op will work throughout the campaign, but if Crystal Dynamics can bring the same polish they have to Tomb Raider to the Avengers you can colour me excited.

Marvel’s Avengers is slated for a May, 2020 release.

Oh, and so far, it looks like Hawkeye has been dropped…



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