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REVIEW | ‘World War Z’ is ‘Left 4 Dead’ on steroids

‘World War Z’, much like the film of the same name – just no Brad Pitt.

The general consensus around movie-games isn’t positive, I could count on one hand the number of games of that genre I’ve enjoyed.

Typically they’re released around the same time as the film, but in this case the game is six years late – and it may have been the best thing for it!

Developers, Saber Interactive, have now proven the zombie genre is still alive.

The game is essentially a revamped Left 4 Dead. Four players (online co-op or computer ai) make their way through an apocalyptic world, collecting deadly weapons, trying to survive.

There’s no real campaign, but each level does have a minor plot.

The maps are linear, you and your team must follow a path to get to your destination, along the way you’ll discover the confines of a safe room full of weapons and ammo dumps.

Killing zombies is as easy as a bullet to the leg, these brain seeking corpses go down hard – and there’s no need to aim for the head.

Hordes of zombie infiltrate the screen, as you gun them down their bodies don’t stay around long. Once killed, the zombies vanish. It’s a shame, but I understand. The original PS4 couldn’t quite handle hundreds of extra (zombie bodies) objects on screen, almost instantly you forget how many zombies you just gunned down (and survived) – I found this unsatisfying.

Since it’s April 16 release World War Z has accumulated a player base of over a million.

Multiplayer is key.

While you can enjoy a quick game with the AI, as you’d expect – it’s just not as involved. Grab a a few of your mates, or random strangers, and knuckle down for a game of intense action, slight frustration and fun.

I’d recomend any zombie lover give this one a crack, especially fans of the Left 4 Dead series.

You can hear more about World War Z on the podcast.

:star::star::star:– Good Play


Must Play was supplied a review copy of this game.

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