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PUBG Finally Comes to PS4

Playstation 4 owners who haven’t forked out the money for a gaming PC can rejoice! PUBG has today launched for PS4.

So far only Solo Third Person Mode is available, but PUBG on their website has said ‘As more players come online we will open the following modes one by one: Squad TPP, Duo TPP, and finally FPP for Solo, Duo, and Squad. This is to ensure full matches, and fast matchmaking’.

PUBG PS4 Day 1 Features


Also in PUBG news a new map is heading our way on Dec 19, but is already available to try out on the test servers. ‘Vikendi’ is a snow themed map for PUBG bringing the total map count up to 4, it is also the first 6×6 size map and includes snowmobiles!!


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