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BATTLEFIELD V: Multiplayer Review (PS4)

Battlefield V Multiplayer

Battlefield’s multiplayer is always a stand out. Mixing huge maps, dozens of players – with the addition of tanks and aircraft, it’s just a recipe for chaos. All of this, combined with the WW2 setting, is a big draw card for first-person-shooter fans. Unfortunately, this year’s Battlefield V feels a little rushed.

This is a beautiful game; the graphics are superb and the destructible environments really set this game apart.


You can start the match in a beautiful French village, but after 20 minutes of being trampled by 64 players it’ll look completely different. The city map of Rotterdam was disappointing, It felt as if I was transported into Maze Runner, running endlessly never to find my way out, this map feels half done – sadly that is a recurring theme in this game.

There’s currently eight playable maps, all of which are used for all game types. Seven of these maps are terrific, whether your sitting on a snowy mountain top looking down on the town, or running through a field of flowers with Spitfires zooming overhead. They are gorgeous.


Battlefield V’s textures are poor and all buildings are void of life, no furniture, no paintings just empty room after empty room. Whenever this map came up I found a lot of players just quitting out – and in turn, so did I.

Another thing I noticed is that the ‘lone Rambo approach’ doesn’t work. I was always looking for ammo and health kits are limited. At first that was frustrating but it forced me to work together with my team. The support and Medic classes are vital to success, you can find ammo on dead bodies but that can be needlessly risky. Every match is a steep learning curve and exceptionally demanding. Battlefield has also learned from the success of other games by removing a lot of HUD, or just by making it smaller, this has a great effect on immersing you in the environment, and why not given how pretty this game is.

That’s not all, a major issue I encountered was clipping, especially when it came to reviving downed team mates. They had either fallen through the floor or a wall and I couldn’t get to them even thought they were screaming out for help. The other is in the game type Grand Operations, I’m yet to have a match that is even remotely close, and most of the time that’s due to the fact that the maps like just so one sided.

Other problems:

  1. Not being able to spawn on squad mates.
  2. Spawning outside the map area resulting in instantly dying due to desertion
  3. The main menu froze.
  4. Not having a body, but only a floating gun
  5. Spawned inside a wall, was then stuck there till I was eventually killed
  6. After bleeding out, my body shot kilometers into the air.


The weapons feel fantastic, a big improvement from Battlefield 1. The new recoil system is predictable meaning the more practice the better you get. There are 27 guns available at launch and the support class seems to have access to all of them, while the medic can only use SMG’s. The customization is massive in this game, all the weapons can be upgraded with specializations but I didn’t really notice any huge improvements by doing this, which is disappointing considering the hard work spent to acquire them. However, the upgrades that you can make to your vehicles are significant, the field repair is a must, allowing you to repair vehicles whilst still moving, even when flying a plane, you can lean out and fix that busted wing. Don’t worry if you crash that plane though because there is a huge number of vehicles to jump into, 27 in total. Also, one thing of note that I liked is the skins, none are silly, all fit within the setting of WW2.


Somewhere within the beauty of this game lies a terrific FPS, simply it seems it released to early. So obvious is that fact that even the Practice Range on the main menu has ‘Starting Dec 4’ on it. DICE has a lot of work to do on this game before they launch their first DLC. For now, I can only recommend that you wait before buying this game. Tides of War starts December 6 and the much-anticipated Firestorm BR mode is looking like sometime in March 2019, so until then we must be patient with Battlefield V, because it shows so much potential.


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