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‘Here’s why I’m quitting PUBG’ – Maso

Since eventually coming out of early access in December 2017 PUBG has been the stable game that I keep coming back to. I’ve piled hours into it. But since the release of Call of Duty’s Blackout mode I can’t see myself falling back to PUBG.


After a solid week of Blackout I was forced back into PUBG mainly because of friends who haven’t spent the money on the game yet. Straight away i noticed how clunky a game PUBG was, from the outset the main menu didn’t load properly, i had to restart the game. As our team of 4 was sitting in the plane waiting to jump there was an incredible amount of server lag, so much that the plane started flying backwards as if it was in rewind, and thirdly all four of us were snap head shotted by what I suspect might have been some aim botting. A month ago this was passable, PUBG was one of the most successful games out there, and no one seemed to care. But now after Blackouts release it seems unforgivable.

Because the three guys I was playing with haven’t played Blackout I found myself consistently telling them how much better it is, what works differently and generally complaining about PUBG’s faults. Im sure I wasn’t that enjoyable to team up with. If there is one big thing that Blackout has improved over PUBG its mobility. The ability to sprint flat out, dive through windows, slide along the ground all while seamlessly picking up loot then Blackout has nailed it. It is so much faster paced than PUBG, gone are the long periods of the mid game where you are just trying to find anybody to kill. It is all action from start to finish.


There is a lot of talk on the internet about how COD didn’t improvise of change the Battle Royal mode, there isn’t any new mechanics here and its the same blue circle that’s chasing you, it is essentially the exact same game as PUBG. I don’t mind that, someone had to come in and perfect it. COD has done just that.

COD-Blackout (1)

Yesterday will probably be my last game of squads on PUBG for quite some time, I’m really hoping my friends read this article and go out and buy COD, but with Red Dead Redemption only a couple of days away i somehow think that their $100 might land somewhere else.

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