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‘Uncharted’ fan film will leave you wanting more

Fans fed up waiting for an Uncharted film have taken it into their own hands.

And it doesn’t disappoint… Watch out Sony studio executives!

Heavy weight Nathon Fillion (Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly) takes the reigns as Nathan Drake.

He’s a great fit for the role – I mean… They’re both named Nathan…

Besides that – Drake and Fillion actually look quite similar.

Fillion has already taken part in his fair share of video games including Halo 3, Jade Empire and Destiny.

While it’s only 15 minutes long, the live-action fan film takes you deep into the franchise many of us already know and love.

One great moment in the film where the camera changes to third person and looks similar to a video game, action sequence moment.

Check out the film below:

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