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Sony’s ‘Killer’ mistake

Sony have made headlines this week by “accidentally” uploading a FULL movie to YouTube, instead of the TRAILER.

Spoiler alert?!

Khali The Killer, all 90 minutes of it, was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

Around 11,000 people managed to watch the film before it was pulled, SIX HOURS after the initial upload!

Director, Jon Matthews, took to Twitter saying (tongue in cheek) he should have been in charge of the upload:

PR stunt? Or Nuclear mistake?
It’s not the first time Sony has done something this…
In 2014, hackers reportedly leaked controversial movie ‘The Interview’ in full, all in the midst of what seemed like threats of war from North Korea.

Sony Pictures Entertainment are yet to release a statement on the blunder.

See a trailer from earlier this year below:

‘Khali The Killer’ official release date is set for August 31.

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